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Assorted Phlavors - Assorted Phlavors (1997)
Combining jazz, classical, R&B, and hip-hop, the album saw immediate success. Produced by Dave "Jam" Hall, it contains the hits "First You Said," a ballad, "Don't Let Go," a lover's song mixed with soul, "Hiding Place," featuring vocals by dancer Patra, and "Trust," written by Gordon Chambers and first released on the Anita Bryant Brownstone label. The song "Hiding Place" was first featured on the Money Train soundtrack. "Love Ballad" was first released in 1976 under the title of the same name. Assorted Phlavors' success is the result of the combination of harmony, emotion, and sensuality in all of their songs and albums. All four members contribute something different to the group, but all hold the same passion for singing.

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 144,55 Mb

Track listing

1.  Tell Me 5:06
2.  Hiding Place (Featuring Patra) 4:29
3.  Make Up Your Mind 5:07
4.  Trust 4:24
5.  What You Gonna Do (Interlude) 1:47
6.  Patience 4:18
7.  First You Said 4:43
8.  Don't Let Go 4:25
9.  Tonight (Interlude) 3:18
10.  Can't Get You Off My Mind 5:30
11.  Love So Real (Interlude) 2:21
12.  Love Ballad 3:53
13.  Don't Stop (Interlude) 1:13
14.  Farewell 3:33
15.  Lovin' on the D.l. 4:03
16.  Lovin' You 4:10
17.  Patience (Remix) 4:59

Total time: 1:07:19

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