Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ezina Moore - Power of A Woman (2004)

"Miss Black USA" 1989 released her "Power of A Woman" CD. Ezina, not to be out done by the boys in the band, she wields a left-handed Paul Reed Smith custom 22 guitar. No girlie folk singer here. Just a rockin' sista from the hood paying homage to Jimi Hendrix, Patti Labelle, Prince and Rick James. Where did this force of life come from? This woman is a descendent from Cherokee and Creole stock - which means movie directors have no idea what to do with her. Ezina Moore has also been known as Leslie Elizabeth Waddell; and in that guise became Miss Black USA. Musically, she is the daughter of the belated resurgence of Funk Rock, which migrated to her in Michigan on the down-low through cousins in Chicago. Until then, Detroit radio dictated her musical taste and fed her with Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin and her uncle, Bobby Womack...

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 112,68 MB

Track listing

1.  Value a Woman 0:47
2.  Power of A Woman 5:52
3.  Had Me 3:11
4.  Scream 3:01
5.  Back in the Day 3:19
6.  Reflections 3:44
7.  Fly So High 3:18
8.  Butterfly Blues 5:29
9.  Never Trust A Man 3:50
10.  Damsel 3:03
11.  Same Ol' Music 2:48
12.  Evil Ways 3:25
13.  Wrote Me Off 3:08
14.  Positive Vibes 3:43

Total time: 48:38

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