Thursday, March 10, 2011

E'Andre - Undeniable (2005)

Romantic, sexy, sensitive are just a few of the adjectives that describe E'Andre's music. Confidently branding his music as "Sexy, Urban-R&B" with the emphasis on "sexy." A bit eclectic, part old school and part new school all mixed together into a unique musical signature. You get the smoothness of Sam Cook, the sexy passion of Marvin Gaye and the melodic brillance of Stevie Wonder. All rolled into a dynamic, unique, signature voice that creatively animates each track with intricate vocal harmonies, arrangements and nuances that give it a distinct "E" Sound.

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 123,33 MB

Track listing

1.  Intro - Coming to the Stage 2:35
2.  Ayo Feat Adonna Black 3:32
3.  Just to Get by 4:05
4.  Serenity 3:38
5.  Is It You 4:13
6.  Matrix Ride 4:06
7.  Something So Sweet 3:10
8.  Everybody Get Up Feat Nos 4:06
9.  No Other Love 4:26
10.  Everytime I Close My Eyes 2:15
11.  Three Strikes 3:37
12.  Mama Said 4:50
13.  E Funk 4:44
14.  Ill Praise Your Name 3:34

Total time: 52:51

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