Saturday, April 09, 2011

Billy Cook - Certified Platinum (2003)

Born and raised in Atlanta, TX singer, songwriter and producer Billy Cook "Superstar" is the most unknown, known independent artist out right now. An original member of UTP, Cook just wrapped up a tour in Japan. Throughout his career Cook has toured with artists like; Destiny's Child, Juvenile, Carl Thomas, Isley Brothers and Ashanti. Performing since the age of 4, Cook has worked with a multiplicity of veterans in the industry and even newcomers like Chamillionaire. Beginning his professional career at 17 he quickly made a name for himself by working with other Houston artist and featuring on several underground projects...

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 131,68 MB

Track listing

1.  Intro 0:27
2.  Genie 4:09
3.  Supastar 4:28
4.  Forever Girl 4:51
5.  Certified Playa 4:36
6.  Have It Your Way 5:54
7.  Private Interview 4:16
8.  Cafe Love 5:55
9.  My Song To You 4:51
10.  Love Is 4:56
11.  Black Clouds 4:04
12.  Distant Lover 5:06
13.  Forever Girl (Latin Mix) 3:53

Total time: 57:26

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