Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Jazmine - All That Jaz (2004)

The next big artist to come out of Atlanta this singer/songwriter is making her way to the top. Only eighteen years old she started her first group at the age of nine and hit the talent show seen all over metro Atlanta and also performed in a showcase hosted by Alicia Keys. A true entertainer and performer. And serious about her craft. you'll love what you hear on the (indie label) Jamroc Music. Already working on her next cd as she grows musically. Currently a student at Savannah State University, where "ALL THAT JAZ" is creating a buzz around the campus. Welcome to her journey!

Quality : ~165 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 44,43 MB

Track listing

1.  Smilin N My Face 4:02
2.  Young & in Love 4:15
3.  X Girlfriend 3:38
4.  I'm Done With You 3:31
5.  Attention 3:02
6.  Industry 4:49
7.  Playtime 3:18
8.  Real Woman 3:59
9.  Gotcha Back 4:01
10.  Dance With Me 2:52

Total time: 37:27

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