Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Marcel - Spice the Alternative Hip-Hop Experience (2001)

SPICE is a mixture of Funk, Rap, R&B, Old School and Futuristic rhythms. It has been compared to Macy Gray, Maxwell, Prince and MeShell Ndegeocello. The title cut alone is spectacular in a Hip-Hop flare. "Come Over" displays Marcel's diversity in Hip-Hop/ R&B. "Let The Funk Flow" is layered with futuristic bottom that keeps you moving on the dance floor! And, "Picture Show", the first video release, gives you that old school groove that makes you feel all sexy inside. Collectively Marcel has put together an outstanding album that is creative, musically stimulating and vibrant.

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 146,62 MB

Track listing

1. Come Over Featuring Tori Fixx 3:36
2. Spice 3:27
3. Set Your Body Free 2:58
4. Let The Funk Flow 3:12
5. Blame It On The Cocktail 3:52
6. She Lied, Cheated and Used Me 3:22
7. Where Do I Go Bump Mix 3:45
8. The Morning Song 4:33
9. Soul Searchin' 4:23
10. Believe In The Beautiful Extended Version 4:51
11. Right On Time Remix 3:44
12. Picture Show Extended Version 6:20
13. Come Over Cum Mix 2:42
14. Spice House Mix 4:19
15. Soul Searchin' Soul Mix 3:51
16. Set Your Body Free Dance Mix Featuring Tori Fixx 4:14

Total time: 1:03:09

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