Saturday, April 02, 2011

Nelson K - Love Makes U Blind (2004)

Cincinnati’s own, Nelson K, is one of the newest up and coming Rhythm & Blues artists. He delivers a sound that a wide range of age groups will enjoy. Like many other of our R&B singers, Nelson’s vocal roots can be traced back to the church where he sang as a young child. His smooth seductive style, combined with a blend of rap, creates a unique interlude since Teddy Pendergrass told women to Close The Door and Turn Off The Lights.
Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 121,81 MB

Track listing

1.  Skip The Middle-Man 3:42
2.  Stop Your Damn Excuses 3:51
3.  Lock Your Girls Down 3:56
4.  Tell Me Why 4:23
5.  Phone Call (Interlude) 0:48
6.  You Don't Have To Lie 4:00
7.  Love Makes U Blind 4:51
8.  Lay You Down 4:02
9.  Make It Last 5:12
10.  Something For You 4:55
11.  No Ends No Friends 4:35
12.  Bounce With You 4:17
13.  Skip The Middle-Man (Remix) 4:08

Total time: 52:40

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