Saturday, April 16, 2011

Rob Bess - Vibe to This (2005)

With his solo album completed, Bess is primed for a major explosion in 2003. With songs ranging from Smooth Jazz, to Hip-Hop, to Dance, Bess leaves no stone unturned in his production repertoire. With a guest appearance on the upcoming Divine Entertainment release the R.E.V. -The Last Millennium, he even shows his gospel roots by lacing two tracks with his smooth-laid back vocals. Bess has and will continue to strive to make his mark as he climbs the ladders of respect from both the music community and the public. With a drive and determination that never stops, Bess is ready to do what he was born to do; make music and take it to the masses.

Quality : ~182 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 79,19 MB

Track listing

1. Dancing On The Floor 4:00
2. Funkin Wit U 3:41
3. She's Smokin 4:00
4. Stay 4:21
5. DL 4:09
6. You Were Here 3:23
7. Animation 4:20
8. Time Goes Up And Down 4:08
9. Sexy Sexy 3:35
10. I Need 2 Know 3:33
11. Summer Breezin 4:22
12. Illusions 4:56
13. In Tha Back 3:24
14. But Still 4:07
15. Stay (Remix) 4:19

Total time: 1:00:18

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