Thursday, May 05, 2011

Mia Miata - Urban Arias (2007)

One of the freshest records we've ever heard from the Neo Soul underground – a killer debut release that makes the claim of having a rich blend of jazz and soul – and really lives up to it! There's a stunning sort of Roy Ayers vibe running through the set – a snapping jazz-tinged groove laid out with vibes and sweet percussion, sounding very much like the best of the late Polydor years, or some of Roy's own productions for the Uno Melodic label. Added to that are Mia's incredible vocals – sung in a deep range that runs up through some soprano passages that float and drift in an evocative style that has a more ambitious approach than other singers of this sort. Plus, the song structure, production, and overall format is really unique – completely solid, with a strong voice that makes each new track better than the last.

Quality : ~190 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 95,20 MB

Track listing

1. Ohm's Law 0:38
2. Jazzy Soul Al La Mode 4:44
3. Pulse to the World 3:50
4. On the Humble 5:03
5. Urban Aria 2:04
6. Manchild 4:27
7. Be U 5:30
8. Relax 2:46
9. Promise Land 4:26
10. The Prayer 1:22
11. Birth to the Earth 5:18
12. Heavy on Your Mind 6:16
13. Fire Sign 5:58
14. Soul Mates 3:01
15. Music Is 4:43
16. Pulse II the World - Remix 5:03

Total time: 1:05:09

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