Thursday, May 26, 2011

Po' Broke' N Lonely - Forbidden Vibe (1995)
Po' Broke 'N Lonely's debut album is a fine set of G-funk-inspired hip-hop, as produced by Chris "The Glove" Taylor, the engineer of Dr. Dre's The Chronic. In no sense is Forbidden Vibe innovative (the music and the lyrics are all standard laidback, funky fare) but the record sounds good and the music rarely gets dull over the course of the album.

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 122 MB

Track listing

1. Twisted 5:25
2. Mr. Go Down 5:18
3. Voyeurs 3:49
4. Forbidden Vibe 5:42
5. Hideaway 3:59
6. Don't Waste Your Time 4:33
7. Sexy Dance 3:58
8. Got to Give It Up 3:43
9. Under My Spell 2:41
10. Three Honeys 3:59
11. Intensifyoluv 3:17
12. Holdin' Out For Love 5:02
13. Did You Love Me 3:30

Total time: 54:56

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Anonymous said...

Good look posting this. Remember it from my HS days. That kind of gangsta-ish R&B that came up a lil bit in the '90's.

Will said...

Hey I've been searching hi and low for this album I had it when I lived in LA. Someone broke into my apt in 97 and got away with ALL my R & B CDs. Thanks for bringing me back

Tiffany said...

Does anyone know how the guys are doing? Looking for Michael.

Tiffany said...

Does anyone know how to reach Michael Lynn?

Anonymous said...


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