Monday, June 13, 2011

Southern Relative - I Want U 2 Know (2004)
RnB, a diamond in the rough per say of the music industry has been instrumental with an equalizing calmness about it. Many genres of music sample of RnB like Hip Hop, Pop, and some selective contemporary styles such as Soul and Gospel. However, this particular style of music in a nutshell is on an island of its own! Dallas native group Southern Relative (SR) acquiring a various amount of innovative ideas recaptures, excavates, and illuminates the industry with their style and finesse making them capable to compete on the level of many multi-platinum groups such as Jagged Edge, Jodeci, and Boyz II Men. Southern Relative however, touches many different styles, which ultimately makes the debut album "I Want You To Know" genuine and more diverse than the average group. (Not taking away from the accomplishments of the groups named above being that they are all major influences of SR and have already earned their keep and respect in the industry.

Quality : 256 Kbps
Size : 118,3 MB

Track listing

1. Let Em Know 2:46
2. Party on 4:26
3. I Want U 2 Know 5:22
4. Sexulude 1:00
5. Do U Want Me (Intro) 1:07
6. Do U Want Me 4:10
7. Champagne 5:07
8. Sex U 5:17
9. Uh Oh 4:58
10. Plp Intro) 0:58
11. Parking Lott Pimpin 3:54
12. Never Be 5:05
13. Tell Me Ur Name 3:56
14. Yesterday 4:44
15. Evidence 6:06
16. My King Gospel Reprise 4:37

Total time: 1:03:33

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