Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Danyel - If Walls Could Talk (2002)

"If Walls Could Talk", is a testimonial of life and love performed by talented songstress/songwriter Danyel, is a mix of Traditional rhythm and blues, hip hop, and neo-soul packaged and slickly disguised in a concept album about that timeless subject of the gains and losses of love and everything that falls in between. About the Artist: She Stands Alone! At the age of three she was third runner-up Little Miss Jabborwock in Hope, Arkansas. She sang her first solo at the age of five, at Spring Street Baptist Church in Muskegon Michigan, and by age nine was the winner of Miss Jabborwock in Muskegon Michigan. This was the beginning of a whirlwind of pageants and talent contests that would span two decades and five states. All the way from the stage of the Young American Stars National Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada to placing in the top fifteen at the Miss Texas Pageant in 2001, her musical talent has brought her many successes. She has performed as an opening act for recording artists such as Aaron Hall, Kool and The Gang, Gladys Knight, The Gap Band, Men at Large, Jon B, and the DeBarges. All this before the age of 20. Her music is a blend of neo-soul and hip hop with a heavy influence of rhythm and blues firmly grounded in the roots of gospel. She represents the full package of artistry and public appeal. She is a songwriter as well as a songstress who exemplifies a sophistication that will be a breath of fresh air for the music industry. She is: DANYEL

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 149,11 MB

Track listing

1. A Love So Deep 4:41
2. Walls 4:20
3. The Coolest 4:32
4. Pain Killer 4:23
5. I Love What Cha Do 4:51
6. Fool In Love 3:33
7. Gotta Go 3:29
8. Interlude 1:20
9. Get Down 4:28
10. After I Knew 4:34
11. I Miss You 4:40
12. Funky Lullaby 4:19
13. Indifferent Places 5:12
14. Mixed Up 5:14
15. If Walls Could Talk 3:38
16. Thank You Lord 1:49

Total time: 1:05:03

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