Saturday, September 17, 2011

Purity - He'll B There 4 U (1993)
From the very start of the up tempo opener, "Walk With Me", this American quintet are, as best described in the street lingo, kickin'! But even more importantly, whilst several contemporary gospellers who've been flirting with crossing over into the larger secular market have become deliberately ambiguous, Purity are upfront about their mission from the word go. Words like Lord and Jesus are clearly mentioned, thus putting the listener in no doubt that they're truly a gospel group. However, with their contemporary R&B/swing style, delightful alternating lead and chorus vocals and hip production, plus fine ballads like "Keep On Believing", their material could easily cross over into the secular market if Nelson Word were to give this release a broad promotional backing. There are nice tenor sax touches on several of the songs, particularly on the mid-tempoish "I've Got Jesus", where it's featured solo and in the background. This is groovy and uplifting and the upfront singing about the Christian life. 

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 103,42 MB

Track listing

1.  Walk with Me 4:53
2.  I Need You 4:13
3.  After You 5:04
4.  I've Got Jesus 4:50
5.  Leaning 5:24
6.  He'll Be There 5:33
7.  Keep on Believing 5:02
8.  Christ Is Coming Back 5:05
9.  Take It From Me 5:04

Total time: 45:08

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