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Lina - Save Your Soul Vol. 1 (2005)

Lina presents...SAVE YOUR SOUL, VOLUME. 1 Special Edition 2 Disk Set

With a strong global fan base, and a phenomenal roster of talent to back her, Hidden BEach Recording artist LINA releases the long overdue compilation album "Save Your Soul, Vol. I". SYS (Save Your Soul) is the first release from Lina's newly established label MoodStar Recordings; it features a wide variety of musical genres, including LINA's signature fusion of Soul, RandB, Hip-Hop and Swing. "Save Your Soul" feeds the soul of the true music lover. It's much more than a compilation; it's a musical campaign that highlights true talent and true artistry. The musicians found on this project are all unsigned prospects that haven't lost the desire and passion for making great music. By putting their heart and soul into every song, every line, and every word, these musicians have made "Save Your Soul" an ear opening reality check.

From Braille Method's lyrical Hip-Hop assault, to Hypnogaja's melodic blend of alternative rock, to Joey's future flava of RandB, "Save Your Soul" is an earful of top shelf raw talent. And what about LINA? ... Not only does she deliver a handful of hot new songs and collaborations on the project, she also uses SYS as a platform to displays her range as a writer and producer, authoring the majority of the compilation.

Want more Lina? ... As a limited time offer, SYS is packaged as a special edition 2 disk set which includes a bonus disk of 6 full length LINA songs. Four songs are from her newely released Hidden Beach debut, "The Inner Beauty Movement". Two additional tracks are exclusive songs, that you won't find anywhere else!

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 214,96 MB
First CD Set:

Track listing

1.  Travis - Interview 0:18
2.  Travis - Over Me 3:47
3.  Lina Featuring Young Dre - Illuminating 3:40
4.  Sajai - Interview 0:17
5.  Sajai Featuring Pb3 - Ghetto Tactics 4:39
6.  Braille Method Featuring Lina - Dough 3:44
7.  Lina - Do You Remember 3:48
8.  Caprisha - Flow Like a River 3:26
9.  Venus Featuring Lex Dirty - There For You 3:31
10.  Soul's Journey - Soul's Journey 3:34
11.  Hypnogaia - Misfits 3:36
12.  Jeeve - Interview 0:31
13.  Jeeve - Let's Make It Real 4:21
14.  Nick Loren - Never 4:30
15.  Vic - Time Flies 3:25
16.  Lex Dirty - Keep It 3:49
17.  Orgone Featuring Cheri - Downtime 4:20
18.  Joey - Is You Is 4:02
19.  Lina - Road's Gonna Turn 4:17
20.  Braille Method Featuring Lina - The Morning After 6:24

Total time: 1:09:59

Second CD Set:

Track listing

1.  Hope, Wish and Pray 4:28
2.  Come to Mama 4:05
3.  I Am 4:08
4.  On My Own 3:11
5.  Viola 4:00
6.  Inner Beauty 3:54

Total time: 23:46

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