Saturday, December 03, 2011

O.t.h - Out of the Hart (2005)

As often is the case the music world calls for a new kind of girl group: one that combines the sass and excitement of classic female groups of the late 20th century (Total, SWV, TLC) with the confidence required for the 21st. Jasmine and Tiffany-collectively known as OTH (Out of the Hart) are that kind of group for the new millennium. Their music is a distinctive blend of pop, r&b, and hip hop, in tune with contemporary trends but with a unique flavor. Their tight vocal harmonies and writing skills show wit and eloquence. This is the new teen female duo called OTH. Their independent release off of Brickface Entertainment/Prophet Records called 'Out of the Hart, features blazin' hot production by Brickface Entertainment. One of the members, Jasmine Charmaine Spencer (Aquarius, born February 12, 1990) was born and raised in Hartford, Connecticut. Her favorite artist is Beyonce Knowles. "She is my favorite because despite the many obstacles Beyonce has faced she still manages to be a diva." Jasmine realized at a very young age that she wanted to be a performer. "I've always liked dancing, singing, and writing songs. When I attended the Artist Collective in Hartford I realized that the stage was where I always wanted to be." Despite her busy schedule Jasmine still manages to have some fun. "I like to hang out with my friends, watch movies, and go to the mall. But I also like to be a home body." The other half of the duo, Tiffany Devone Jackson (Scorpio, born November 13, 1990) was born in Hartford, moved to Atlanta, and then settled back in Hartford in 1998. Tiffany has been singing and playing the piano since the age of four. "Singing is definitely my career. I wouldn't give it up for anything." Tiffany also claims she likes to sing challenging songs and has recently started exploring the production side of music. "I think by singing songs that are a challenge will make me a better singer." When she's in school Tiffany tries to let everyone know about the group OTH. "I feel our group OTH definitely means something to all people in Hartford. It means we are truly Out of the Hart."

Quality : 192 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 62,12 MB

Track listing

1.  It's O.t.h 3:24
2.  Roo Raw 3:51
3.  What U Had 4:04
4.  No More 4:10
5.  Greedy 3:38
6.  Better U Know Interlude 0:54
7.  Better U Know 3:42
8.  12 Dozen Roses 4:08
9.  Go Our Way 4:48
10.  Tired Interlude 0:40
11.  Tired 3:06
12.  There Interlude 1:05
13.  There 3:45
14.  Say No 3:47

Total time: 45:02

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