Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Black Ivory - Continuum (2011)

It's been over three decades since Black Ivory released their last album and in the interim, cult adoration and the collectable value of the NYC-based trio's classic '70s sweet soul sounds have soared, not to mention the elevation of member Leroy Burgess as the patron saint of the disco sub-genre known as boogie. With such an esteemed reputation, this long-awaited reunion album, which openly embraces updated and current sounds, is a risk yet, on the whole, Continuum succeeds admirably. It's apparent that time hasn't aged the pristine harmonies of Burgess, Russell Patterson and Stuart Bascombe on refined and oh-so-silky slow number "Like Fallin'." The mellow atmosphere progresses with sensual down-tempo confection "The Move," a showcase for Bascombe's lush falsetto, and even a misfire like the hip-hop-inflected, yet contagious, club bounce of "Lucky Tonight" glides effortlessly. Continuum lives up to its title and should leave long-time fans satisfied and new converts wanting more.

Quality : ~241 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 92,85 MB

Track listing

1.  Like Fallin' 6:38 
2.  Lucky Tonight 4:04 
3.  The Move 3:44 
4.  Don't Need No Rehab 5:30 
5.  He Said She Said 4:39 
6.  Win at Love 4:03 
7.  Ghost 5:25 
8.  Lookin' For Love 4:41 
9.  Get Down 4:52 
10.  Back Home 4:45 
11.  I Just Wanna Live 4:23 

Total time: 52:44

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