Monday, January 09, 2012

Zay - Zay's Way (2004)

Zay is one of the sexy young guns of Southern Soul like his peers Sir Charles Jones, T.K. Soul and Omar Cunningham. Combining that Soul Blues flavor with a touch of commercial Contemporary RnB he manages to attract record buyers both old and young.

Originally he was known as "Mr. Zay" and scored a big hit in the South called "She Only Wants To See Me On Friday" for the Mardi Gras Records label. Tp go along with his artistic maturity and his being at his peak of songwriting prowess he is know simly "Zay".

Quality : 192 Kbps (VBR)
Size : 60,84 MB

Track listing

1.  Get the Hell on 5:08 
2.  Up in This Club 4:37 
3.  Tender Love 3:57 
4.  Hard Times 3:48 
5.  Grown Folks 3:42 
6.  Bring It on 4:07 
7.  Trippin' 5:07 
8.  2 Sides of Love 3:56 
9.  Overtime 4:03 
10.  Thang Played with 3:40 
11.  Crazy About Your Love 4:39 
12.  Liar, Cheater 3:51 
13.  Untitled Bonus Track 4:20 

Total time: 54:55

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