Monday, April 09, 2012

Bittar Sweet - Just a Taste (2008)

Members Stefanie Christie, (Brooklyn) (Lead Vocalist) Raysha Burrell (Queens) (Lead Vocalist) and Tatiana Green (Harlem) (Lead Vocalist) are 3 lovely talented Singers, Dancers and Actresses born in America with Caribbean Descent - Jamaica, Barbados and more are debuting their first CD "JUST A TASTE" on Black Rainbow Music. True New Yorkers - living and performing in New York - Stefanie and Raysha met while performing and training with Amas Musical Theatre The Rosetta LeNoire Musical Theatre Academy performing Off-Off Broadway. Tatiana joined BITTAR SWEET in 2007 having trained with Uptown Dance Academy. Their true talents were put to the test when they were asked to create the Girl Group BITTAR SWEET by Celeste - Monijae, choreographer, dancer and former Co-Host of The World Famous Apollo Theatre's Amateur Night "Live", more like the Male Groups, where everyone plays their part, with high, low and in between voices and everyone dances and motivates and pleases their audience, instead of cupy dolls who just look lovely on stage.

Quality : 320 Kbps
Size : 135,68 MB


Track listing

1. Bittar Sweet Rehersal (Skit) 0:48
2. Enemy 4:40
3. Stefanie on Piano (Skit) 0:35
4. What Always Is 3:09
5. Anthem 3:10
6. Carnival (Skit) 0:49
7. Love Appreciation 4:17
8. Shine Prelude (Skit) 0:49
9. Shine 4:14
10. Stefanie on Drums (Skit) 0:20
11. Can't Wait 4:44
12. Stefanie Rhymes (Skit) 0:44
13. Forever 5:26
14. Harlem Way 1:35
15. Maybe 4:26
16. More Than That 3:38
17. Dance Rehersal (Skit) 0:36
18. Nasty 4:14
19. Abuse on the Real (Skit) 0:35
20. Too Late 4:14
21. Sean Bell Tribute 4:16

Total time: 57:19

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