Wednesday, May 09, 2012

N-Phase - The Time's Right Now (2007)
Nphase first came on the scene in 1994 with their self-titled album, "NPhase" featuring the single, "Spend the Night"which was written and produced by R. Kelly. Their attractive sound was best described as LeVert meets Boyz II Men. Although this debut album was more than promising, NPhase never followed up with a second album. This was regrettable because one hears a lot of potential on the romantic slow jams like "Don't Hold Back," and the above-mentioned "Spend the Night." The album had one foot in hip-hop and the other in classic soul. Their harmonies owe a lot to male vocal groups like the O'Jays and the Dramatics, which one of the best songs on the disc was the cover of the Manhattans' 1976 smash "Kiss and Say Goodbye" (which Maverick, label owned by Madonna, released as a single). A remake of the Commodores' "Jesus Is Love" is also on the album which was the group's first professional display of their gospel talents. The group admits African-American gospel was, and is, a major influence on soul music. - Arguably, gospel is the R in R&B - and it was nice to see NPhase acknowledges this in their music. At any rate, the NPhase R&B album is a pleasing footnote in the history of '90s.

Quality : 320 Kbpq
Size : 137,74 MB

Track listing

1. Time's Right Now 4:08
2. Worth While 2:57
3. Back 2 U 4:28
4. Neglecting You 4:46
5. Call His Name 4:15
6. He'll Make Away 4:35
7. Love Lifted Me 3:48
8. U Changed Me 4:32
9. Cover Me 5:16
10. U Were There 4:32
11. I'll Praise You 3:02
12. Praise with Me 3:18
13. Holy Ghost Party 3:07
14. Interlude to Granny 0:34
15. Granny 4:14
16. Where You Are (Acapella) 2:25

Total time: 59:57

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